Keep your toddler & kids safe by having some simple checking routines in place.  Easy stuff that doesn’t take up lots of time but is really important to do…

Kids Bike Seats – Safety & Care

  • we recommend that you follow the fitting instructions and install the kids bike seat yourself or be very involved in the process.  The more you understand about how the seat works the safer your riding experience will be.  YOU MUST check before every ride – the attachment, is it loose? The shoulder straps & footrests, are they firm?
  • Carry the tools you will need to make any adjustments while you are out and

    Allen Key – it’s easy to carry around.

    about…in most cases this will be a simple Allen Key.  Know what you need to be tightening to make everything safe.

  • Best technique – lean the bike against a wall or tree and when I say lean that means that your bike seat is taking the weight. Do not lean your bike on the handlebars. Alternatively use a kickstand – a double is better than a single. If you’re using a single always stand on the side the bike is leaning towards when lifting them in. Good luck, if you’re nervous about this one practice when someone else is around. Never leave your toddler in a child seat on a single kickstand.
  • You also need to think about what could get caught in the rear wheel – nothing dangling, shoelaces, favourite toys etc
  • For comfort consider some padding or buy a seat made from foam, most of these seats are made from some type of hard plastic and as with all things toddler related – is the padding detachable so you can wash it?
  • Lock it on to the bike so nobody can steal it from you.  This gives you peace of mind so that you can leave the bike without worry.
  • Keep the seat in a safe & protected place at home, whether this is on the bike or removed from it.
  • Give the seat a regular wipe down to remove dirt, sweat, food etc




Yepp Maxi is a foam seat with adjustable shoulder & footrests

Yepp Mini key & unlock system. goRide

An example of a key locking system

For more information on safety riding in traffic with children & tips on how to be confident handling your bike with a child on board… see Kids Bike Seats – How to do more riding with a toddler or 2 

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