Basic Rear Bike Light


get Safe, be Seen…so you & your family can SMILE when you ride

“A rear bike light will add another element to your visibility while riding”

This small, lightweight yet powerful rear red bike light is the perfect option for round town riding and so easy for kids. The flexible, easy to use silicone attaches to bags, helmets or seat posts. This is an ideal daytime/twilight safety light and a great way to introduce yourself or kids to riding with lights.  So easy to carry in a bag so you have the protection you need, when you need it.  Great value for money at this winter sale price.

If YOU feel safe YOU will goRide more places, more often.

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The Basic Rear Bike Light is right for your family because;
  • it is the perfect match for anyone who rides.  Easy to use, convenient and portable lights.  Carry in your bag/handbag and have lights to keep you visible whenever the need arises
  • a great light to be shared amongst the family and grabbed by anyone who thinks they are heading into traffic or might be caught in poor light
  • a single red LED bike light with 3 modes, 2 flashing, 1 constant (flashing lights attract driver attention in traffic).  Rear lights are great to use whenever you ride not just at night.  Make your presence be known in your riding environment
  • water resistant so can be used in all types of weather
  • weighs only 19gms making it an incredibly lightweight bike product that can be carried by anyone
  • battery operated, 2 x coin cell batteries included (CR2032)
  • has a 50hr+ battery life on flashing mode making it a long lasting, good investment
  • offers 600m of beam, 2.5 lumens (brightness) keeping you visible & safe
  • easy to use flexible rubber attachment to a variety of shapes including parts of the bike, clothing & bags so this light can be used whatever the situation, whatever you are wearing or carrying
  • this rear bike light is available as part of the Kids Visibility Set.  We recommend bike lights for kids whenever they are in or around traffic situations – this includes crossing roads on footpaths/cycleways and scooter/balance bike use.
  • a Knog Lights.  Knog are fun, well designed, high quality bike lights made in Australia

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