Bike Lights Buying Guide

If you ride in rain or could be caught out in the weather then your bike lights should be waterproof.

Rechargeable or Disposable Batteries

A USB rechargeable light requires no batteries. You need to consider the run time of the light and whether that will meet your riding time requirements – you do not want to be caught out without light. A rechargeable bike light generally costs more however they cost nothing to run. A battery run bike light requires you to replace the battery. Find out more  Features of Bike Lights  The Right Bike Lights for your Riding Environment

Size and Weight

The size of the light effects that amount space required at the point of attachment to the bike eg. make sure you have enough space on the handlebars or the seatpost.  If you are going to carry your lights around between use then you may require lightweight, less bulky bike lights.

If you attach your light to your helmet then the weight will be important. Too much weight would be uncomfortable.

Attachment of the Lights

Is it fixed or flexible? A fixed attachment is a light that mounts to a attachment fixed to the bike . A flexible attachment – requires no tools and gives you flexibility to switch the lights between bikes and users so can be shared by family members that ride at night.

Where should you attach the lights?  Front lights. The handlebars. For the ultimate visibility you can vertically stack your front – one on the helmet and one on the handlebars. Rear Lights – seatpost and other options are carriers, helmets a bag or clothing. For the ultimate visibility vertical stack your lights. Find out more about Attaching Bike Lights

Modes and Settings

Bike Lights often have different modes. A flashing light attracts the eye so is important in poor weather conditions or in very busy environments or when motorists may not be expecting a cyclist. A solid beam light allows others to understand how far you are away from them and also provides you light to see by. Find out more Features of Bike Lights ,  The Right Bike Lights for your Riding Environment


Young kids will not be biking at night however there safety is compromised because they are small, riding or scootering on footpaths and there decision making is compromised so you may choose to help make them more visible by using bike lights. Bike Bells and BIke Lights for Kids

Use (Fit for Purpose)

Different strength of lights (lumens)  are required for different riding environments. Understand the riding environment that you want to be able to ride in and get the right lights to match that environment. Do you need lights so you will be seen by other motorists, cyclists and pedestrains? Do you need to also see with those lights riding at night on the road and cycleways? Do you need to see on off road trails at night- that is night mountain biking? Find out more The Right Bike Lights for your Riding Environment , The ‘right, Mountain Biking Light, The right bike lights for commuting, The right bike lights for town riding

Also see Mountain Bike – Night Riding – Light Buying Guide

goRide’s BIKE LIGHT Solutions

Protection Type

Night riding – good visibility & light strength – front & rear


Lightweight. Flexible attachment. Front light – helmet attachment option. USB rechargeable.

Type of Riding

Night riding on the road and cycleways. When you need to see in poor weather conditions

Protection Type

Increase visibility in traffic, poor weather conditions, well lit night riding – front & rear


Lightweight. Flexible Attachment. USB rechargeable.

Type of Riding

Day riding in busy traffic, challenging environments and in poor weather conditions. Night riding in well lit urban areas & twilight riding.

Protection Type

Increase visibility in the day, at twilight or in poor weather – front & rear


Easy to use, easy to carry. Flexible attachment to bike/bag/clothing. Battery.

Type of Riding

Young kids riding or scootering on footpaths.  School/youth riders to increase visibility in traffic

Protection Type

Increase visibility in the day on bike paths and in off road riding environments.  Front light only.


Lightweight. Flexible Attachment. Also has bell functions (25 sounds, 3 volume settings)

Type of Riding

Young kids balance bikes, scooters or first bikes.

Make your purchase a success…

Don’t run out of light

Charge your USB rechargeable lights when you first receive them and then charge after every use. For commuters that may mean charging them at work. Battery lights you need to carry a spare battery with you.

Get familiar with different modes

Most lights will come with different modes, flashing, narrow beam wide beam. Understand when these modes work best to maximise your ability to be seen and see. Find out more The Right Bike Lights for your Riding Environment

Refer to the information on each individual bike light for an understanding how to turn on the different modes and the modes available and their run time.

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride.