We want our kids to bike. We can help them enjoy biking with some fun accessories like bike bells and bike lights that are also important for their safety…

We need to keep them safe in their riding environment. We know they need a bike helmet that is the right size and is adjusted correctly but what else can we do to help keep them safe? We can help them be heard and be seen.

Bike bells and lights for kids are also lots of fun. So you can let your little ones passion for colour and graphics shine (check out our goRide Hand Painted & Hornit Kids Bicycle Bell range and the Kids visibility bike light set). Give them another reason to love their bike.

Bike Bells for Kids

Types of Kids Bike Bells

Traditional style.  Most bike bells are traditional styled bells that use a thumb or finger push to create the ‘ringing’ sound we are so familiar with. Better quality bells will give you a higher quality ring and last longer.  Be careful to keep your bike stored out of the rain as often the clamping system of bells is not made of steel.  Take a look at the goRide Hand Painted Bicycle Bell – several designs to choose from…

Minimialist style. Older kids that do a bit of mountain biking, as well as using their bike to get to school, sports trainings and/or the bike path – The Knog Oi might be the right option for them. A bell that is not at all shaped like a traditional bell as it is slender and sleek wrapping itself around the handlebars but offering a good quality traditional ‘ring’.

Other style.  We are introducing you to the  Mini Hornit what can we say … nailed it – fun, noisy, colourful, easy to use, multi functional, how can this not make you smile… .  It can be attached to a bike or scooter and some balance bikes using the wings. It has 25 fun sound effects, from a traditional bell ring, to animal and vehicle noises. It has a remote trigger that can attach next to the handlebar grips so there is no need to remove their hands to activate there favourite Mini Hornit noise. The hornit is also a light (12 lumens) to help them be seen.

You may not want a Mini Hornit if you’re wanting a quiet peaceful biking experience but kids love noise and there are 3 volume settings on the Hornit to match to their riding environment.

Hand painted bicycle bell on handlebar. goRide

Traditional Bell – Beautiful hand painted goRide bicycle bells for kids

Minimialist bike bell Knog oi goRide silver mounted handlebars

Minimalist Bike Bell- Knog Oi.

mini Hornit. Be seen, Be heard. goRide

Other Bike Bell – The Mini Hornit

Mounting a Kids Bike Bell

Where to mount ?  On the handlebars right next to the grips where they can use the bell without having to remove there hands. Generally mount on the left hand side if you are right handed. You do need to check there is room and that the bell will fit the handlebar circumference.

Why?  Kids on bikes and balance bikes are small. Help them be visible by being heard. They can let others know they are coming. A bell is an essential piece of equipment in any environment that is busy with other users.

How to Use a Kids Bike Bell

Correct use.   Teach the children how to ride and pass pedestrians and other cyclists.  What you teach them will be dependent on their age.

For balance bike riders and early bike riders – Let them sound their bell as often as they like, it is much better for everyone to hear them coming a mile away than be surprised by them.  This applies to footpath situations as well.  Children are allowed to ride on footpaths with balance bikes or a wheel circumference up to 14 inches, this is a first or toddler bike.  The trouble with this scenario is that these toddlers are little and can’t be seen or heard by cars coming out of driveways.  So my advice is let them make noise.  If a lot of noise doesn’t sound like a pleasant bike ride at least teach them to use their bells when passing driveways they can’t see into (I’m talking about blocked views from high fences or plants).  Learn more about visibility for children on balance bikes here and we have a fun crossword to do with kids about safety on shared pathways here.

You know your kids best, if a bell is going to be a distraction maybe it is not the right solution for your kid. Our experience is that when that bright and fun bell goes on their bike for the first time it will be a bit of novelty but it doesn’t last too long. For that first time take them into a safe riding environment like a school or playground and let them ring/sound their hearts out.

For older kids teach the following sequence; ride on the left, pass on the right. A gentle warning with a ring of the bell as they approach walkers. Wait for a response – turning of the head, moving over to the side – this applies to both walkers and other cyclists.  At this point if there is no response another ring follow by “Passing on your right” in a clear voice would be appropriate.  Teach them to give people space especially if they are elderly, have small children or dogs with them.

Remember they learn from your lead, so if you use your bike bell well then they will soon learn to do the same.

Bike Lights for Kids

“Kids” bike lights are fun and functional bike lights helping your child to be seen rather than ride at night lights for older kids/adults. Along with bright coloured helmets and clothing a bike light is another “thing” that increases a drivers ability to see them during the day and we want to do everything possible to help them be seen. We recommend these great little lights from Knog – they are multi functional, come in both white and red beam, are easy to use and can be placed almost anywhere.  When we ride to school in the morning both my kids have a white light on their handlebar that is ON as well as a red light in the back of their helmets – turned to flashing mode – brilliant for cars approaching them from behind.

The Mini Hornit also is a front bike light offering a white or green light beam helping them to be seen as well as being heard.

Kids knog visibility light handlebar attachment

Knog Kids Frog being mounted to the handlebars

get Safe and goRide – Bike Lights and Bike Bells for Kids

Thanks for reading. Used together our stories, resources & products support you to achieve and develop as a rider.

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