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The Best Bike Helmet for a Kids Bike Seat

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A kids bike seat allows you to get back on the bike and to share this rewarding experience with your baby/toddler. There is always some anxiety and apprehension from the both of you when you set out on this new experience… some of those feelings can be eased if you have the right equipment and you feel good about using it.

The BEST bike helmet for a Kids Bike Seat should  have the following features.

  • Lightweight
  • Good head coverage
  • Good ability to adjustment the size to fit to their head
  • Round like the shape of their head (flat back) with a pinch guard
  • Bright and fun graphics
Toddle helmet features Kids Bike Seat goRide

A good bike helmet for a kids bike seat can help you feel comfortable as you share this rewarding experience.

Lightweight. It wasn’t too long ago that they developed the strength to hold up there head.. so we don’t want to add a lot of weight to the head.

Shape and Style – The helmet needs to be round like the shape of their head. It must have no protrusions at the rear (a flat back) so they can comfortably lean their head back on the bike seat. The helmet should cover their head from above the eyebrows through to base of the head/start of the neck

Adjustable – The helmet needs to have adjustable straps and a mechanism at the back of the helmet that turns/slides to help fit to the head or different thickness of pads to insert into the helmet.

Bright and fun graphics – to help them be seen. If they love their helmet they are more likely to want to wear it . That means you can both enjoy the experience and do it more often.

goRide’s Bike Helmets for Kids Bike Seats are…
Toddler Helmet available in Small and Extra Small.
Light weight. Good head coverage with good adjustment. Available in bright and fun graphics.
Multisport Helmet. 
if you would like to use the helmet for other activities such as skiiing then this helmet can do both.Light weight. Good head coverage using different thickness pads for adjustment. Available in bright and fun graphics.
get Safe and goRide –  The Best Bike Helmet for Kids Bike Seats

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