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Video – Correct riding position for biking – Chi Riding

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goRide has introduced a concept into the biking community called Chi Riding. We want you as a rider to get the most out of your biking and we believe the way to do this is Chi Riding.

What is Chi Riding?

Have you heard of Chi Running? It is a running technique that emanates from the principles of pilates, yoga, and tai chi. We have piggybacked on that concept and have introduced Chi Riding – a type of riding that emanates from some of those same principles of being relaxed, having less tension and stress when you ride, efficiency, ease, engaging your core (giving you control from your mid region) and all your senses. All things that will make time on your bike more enjoyable, easier, will give you less discomfort and will have positive effects and influences on other aspects of your life.

Chi Riding forms the platform to allow you to improve your riding and challenge yourself whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider.

The first step in Chi Riding is getting you to ride in a position that allows you to carry less stress and tension in your body and your mind. A position that gives your riding ease and efficiency. It puts your body, and it’s joints and muscles in an optimal position so they can work well and reduce the risk of any discomfort. This position is what we have called the ‘A’ Riding position. Watch the film and check out the correct riding position for biking so when you goRide you can go Chi Riding.

Find out more about Chi Riding in these stories.

goRide hopes that our stories and resources will help make your riding – Chi Riding. Chi Riding gives you the greatest benefits from riding and those benefits go beyond the bike to everyday life and activities. Let’s spread the Chi Riding concept in the riding community.

Thanks for reading. Used together our stories and resources support you to achieve and develop as a rider. 

goRide is a shared journey, so we would like you to assist in guiding it along the way.  Contact goRide.  Your thoughts, comments or feedback are welcome. Thank you for being a part of the goRide way.






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