I went for a ride this morning and, what can I say, its wet here which means things are slippery. Tracks I thought I knew and could trust have become things to be wary of.

What happened? We climbed a bumpy track, I fell off and just lost my groove. I arrived home earlier than I had planned, so what to do with this spare ride time? Well, clean my bike.

A clean bike looks good, performs better, lasts longer and is easier to maintain. Enough said those are all great reasons to reach for your bike cleaning kit.

Bike Cleaning Kit - whats in one?

If you are anything  like me your bike needs to be cleaned more often than it does. To help you achieve a more regular cleaning routine you need a bike cleaning kit. A kit that is ready to go when find that spare moment to clean your bike. You can put a kit together yourself or purchase the ready to go kits at goRide.



A bucket – that you will need to fill with water.





A solution/detergent that will help remove dirt, grease and grime. We recommend an eco-friendly detergent
Bike cleaning kit general bike detergent spray bottle

This is a ready to go detergent in a spray bottle. The spray helps to get the detergent into hard to reach areas. Once empty refill with 100ml of chain clean and add water to make 1 Litre. Shop here

bike kit chain cleaning product

Add to your bucket of water and to your spray bottle at a ratio of 1:10 (solution: water) and it becomes your general bike cleaning solution. This product is also your chain cleaner (degreaser- in its undiluted form). Shop here

bike cleaning kit goRide

Bucket of water and some eco-freindly kitchen detergent. Though not bike speicifc and not as good at removing grease and dirt it will do the job.

Cleaning Tools – Brushes and clothes to help you clean.





Bike Kit long bristled bike brush

A long bristled brush to allow reach into hard to get areas. This sized brush makes cleaning simple , quick and easy. Shop here

Toothbrush bike cleaning kit 600 x 400

A small bristled brush. Eg a toothbrush. This is to get into areas that you found challenging with your long bristed brush or for spot cleaning.

bike cleaning kit rags

Cleaning cloths and useful as a large cleaning surface and for using to wipe off grease and dirt.

ParkTool-Cyclone-Chain-Scrubber. Cleaning Tools. goRide

If you want cleaning the chain to be an easy, clean job then adding a chain scrub tool to your cleaning kit is the best way to do it.

Want to clean now….great, take a look at our general bike cleaning guide for all the tips and tricks you will need for a thorough basic clean of your bike.  Remember once you have cleaned your chain you will need to lube your bike chain. If you want to clean with the kids or think it’s about time you learnt some things about your bike while you clean go to Bike Cleaning for the Kids & You.

Prefer a Kit that is ready to go check out goRide has cleaning kits.

get Ready and goRide –  Whats in a Bike Cleaning Kit

Thanks for reading. Used together our stories, resources & products support you to achieve and develop as a rider.

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