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Bike Tools – Puncture Repair Kit

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Choose to know what to do with a puncture repair kit for bike tyres…

Let’s gain some knowledge that will help when you are reaching for this particular bike tool under a little bit of time pressure and you need it to work the first time. All you want is for everything to go smoothly so you can get on your way, how hard could that be?

To ‘get ready’ you need to invest a little bit of time to understand your bike tools. Choose to know what to do then you can goRide with a SMILE.

What is a puncture repair kit?

A small tool kit design to be portable and have all you need in it to fix a puncture (hole) in your bike tube. This kit will have some or all of these things…

  • patches
  • glue
  • a scraping tool and/or sandpaper
  • small rubber tube to dry the area before the patch goes on
  • small piece of chalk to mark where the hole is
  • the boot

If you see the term vulcanising it is referring to the process that takes place between the patch and the tube when glue is applied.  This is a better type of patching than what happens with a self adhesive patch.

A puncture repair kit doesn’t have to be a part of the basic tool kit you carry with you everytime you ride – you can choose to carry a spare tube and replace the tube if there is a problem.  If you do carry a tube it’s a good idea to back this up with self adhering patches – which are really small & so easy to carry.

However, a puncture repair kit is smaller than a spare tube so this may be a better choice for you.  Whatever you choose to do at some point you will need to fix the puncture so you can use the tube again…So its a great idea to have a repair kit in your home bike tool kit.

Self adhesing patch

Self adhesive patch

Puncture repair kit

Puncture repair kit

Why do you use it? 

To cover any holes in your tube that let air escape and therefore result in a flat or soft tyre.  Once these holes are correctly covered with the patch you can pump up the tube and use it again.

How do you use it?  
  1. To find the hole, remove your wheel.  For help with this see ‘How to get a wheel off & back onto a bike’ (coming in the next few weeks). Then remove your tyre with tyre levers (learn how to do this here).  This gives you access to the tube.  If it’s obvious what’s caused the hole – glass, nail, gorse stuck in your tube this part is easy.  If not, this part can be tricky, you may need to pump some air into your tube and submerge it in water to find where the air is escaping.  Mark with chalk if you have some.
  2. Prepare the surface for the patch.  To get a good stick you need to roughen up the surface of the tube with your scraping tool and/or sandpaper.  Make sure the surface is dry – use the small rubber tube it you have one.
  3. Apply the patch either by using a little glue or pealing off the protective layer of a self adhesive patch.  The patch needs to be firmly pressed or held in place for about a minute.


That’s the basics of a puncture repair kit covered.  I hope it helped you gain a little more understanding of the mechanics of your bike.

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