Choosing an Electric Bike to use to carry or tow kids/grandkids is a great idea and there are a lot of bikes on the market that will work really well for this job.  So kids bike seats & electric bikes will work but you have to know what you are looking for because Kids Bike Seats do not work with all bikes.  This warning applies to Electric or E-Bikes as well.  There are attachment points, frame sizes and weight considerations to be aware of.

For information on options for Towing Kids/Grandkids behind your bike see this story called Towing Kids & Electric Bikes

What comes first the bike or the seats? 

This may not be a decision you have to make because you may already have one or the other.  If not, the bike should be your first purchase.  This purchase needs to be really focused on a bike that makes you feel comfortable and safe.  Once you have this feeling of confidence about riding an E-Bike you can then look at the options of where you would position your child/children/grandchildren – now and in years to come.

Get some great buying advice at Buying an E-Bike to Transport Kids OR Grandkids.

FRONT SEATS also known as a ‘Mini’

Best introduction to riding on a bike, best interaction as they are between your arms.  Good traffic, commuting option for young kids, fits 1-3 yr olds

What the E-Bike needs!

Ideally 21-35mm of space to mount an adaptor onto your handlebar stem.  Upright riding position is best to create space especially for short parents/caregivers.  If not in an upright position medium or larger frame size is best.  Watch out for batteries placed high in the front of the frame

Will a Mini Fit on My Bike?

BoBike Mini One. Child in seat.goRide
Yepp Mini being adjusted

MID SEATS, examples are the Do Little or Shotgun

No harness securing your child but good interaction as they are between your arms, fun on easy off road trails.  Good single kid option, common match to trail, mountain bike styles (Shotgun is designed for mountain bikes). Age range is generally 2-6 yr olds.

The combination of E-Bike speed, an unharnessed child and on road, traffic riding is not recommended

What the E-Bike needs!

Mid mount seats attach to top tubes although the Do Little can be attached to step through frames (no top tube) with an adaptor.  Upright riding position is best to create space especially for short parents/caregivers.  If not in an upright position medium or larger frame size is best.  Batteries in the frame will make attaching these mid mount seats difficult because of the width the battery creates – the Shotgun seat does have width adjustment

Will a DoLittle Fit on my bike?     Will a Shotgun fit on my bike?

women riding with shotgun seat
dad & child on Shotgun kids mountain bike seat. goRide

REAR SEATS also known as a Maxi or a Junior

Best long term investment, popular choice for riding in traffic/commute riding.  Carrier must be rated to carry up to 25kg.  Maxi 1-6 yr old.  Junior 4-10 yr old

What the E-Bike needs!

Two types of attachments are available.  The most common is direct attachment onto a rear carrier.  The second option is via a clamp onto the seat post tube on your bike frame.  Battery placement is important with this one – rear carrier batteries are not always a good match depending on the style of bike.  Utility bikes are an exception to this rule – small wheels allow lower placement of the seat.  Batteries in the frame of the seat post tube will also create problems for seat post attachment.

Will a Rear Mount Seat fit on my bike?

Elliot and Hud Thule Maxi goRide
Yepp Maxi Frame Mounted kids bike seat. goRide
BoBike Junior on bike.goRide

Multiple Kids

Electric bikes are a great idea if you are considering riding with more than one child on your bike.  Whether they are both attached in seats or you chose to tow an older child having an electric assist will make riding a bike so much more pleasant.

You will need to be aware of the multiple attachment points of the set up you are thinking of riding with.  We recommend spreading the weight as soon as possible one child on the bike, one child being towed.  There are a great range of possiblities to choose from.  Depending on your budget and where you like to ride, there are definitely solutions for everyone in the market.

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