Choosing an Electric Bike to use to tow kids/grandkids is a great idea and there are a lot of bikes on the market that will work really well for this job.  So yes, towing kids & electric bikes will work but you just have to know what you are looking for.  There are attachment points, battery placement and wheel sizes to be aware of.

For information on attached to the bike, kids bike seats see this story Kids Bike Seats & Electric Bikes.

What comes first the bike or the towing device? 

This may not be a decision you have to make because you may already have one or the other.  If not, the bike should be your first purchase.  This purchase needs to be really focused on a bike that makes you feel comfortable and safe.  Once you have this feeling of confidence about riding an E-Bike you can then look at the options of where you would position your child/children/grandchildren – now and in years to come.

Get some great buying advice at Buying an E-Bike to Transport Kids or Grandkids.


These tow options connect an adult bike to a child’s bike.  This gives you the ability to have your kid ride their own bike during parts of the journey.  They are often short term assistance options – through traffic, over a hill, over distance.  Tow Rope 4 yr+ (not recommended for on road/in traffic), Tow Bar 4-9 yrs, Tow Frame 3-9 yrs

What the E-Bike needs!!

Tow Ropes will work with any E-bike.  Tow Bars need a clear pathway to the seat post.  Batteries mounted over the rear carrier may interfere with this.  Tow Frames attach to rear wheel hubs – you may need a hub adaptor which are sold separately to the tow frames

If you are considering any of the towing kids and electric bike options here, read the details about attachment at the links that follow;  How to attach a Tow Rope,     How to attach a Tow Bar,    How to attach a Tow Frame

Tow Rope in Mountain Bike setting. goRide
Bike tow Bar in use. goRide
follow me tandem and rear bike seat


Great for kids who are less confident about riding.  Also good match to tour riding as a family.  Ideal when you do not need your child’s own bike.  Standard Seat 4-9 yrs or Reclined Seat 2-9 yrs

What the E-Bike needs!

Half bikes have arms that attach to your seat post.  These arms need a clear pathway and some exposed seat post (@10cm).  If you are short you may not have every much of this… so have a look when your seat is in the ideal position for your height

Batteries positioned over the rear carrier may interfere with the pathway for attachment. If you are considering any of the towing kids and electric bike options here, read the details about attachment at the link below;

Will a Trailing 1/2 bike work on your bike?

Rocket Trailing half bike.goRide
Weehoo with kid riding
WeeHoo Turbo. Morning commute. goRide


Good way to transport multiple young kids with a bike.   The storage ability is a bonus.  Single Seat Trailer 1-6 yr old, Double seat Trailer 1-4 yr old

What the E-Bike needs!

The arm on bike trailers attach to the rear wheel hub (middle of your wheel).  You may need a rear wheel hub adaptor for attachment if you have rear wheel hub gears.

Compatible with most bikes

Yepp bike trailer. Towed by the bike.goRide

Multiple Kids

Electric bikes are a great idea if you are considering riding with more than one child on your bike.  Whether they are both attached in seats or you chose to tow an older child having an electric assist will make riding a bike so much more pleasant.

You will need to be aware of the multiple attachment points of the set up you are thinking of riding with.  We recommend spreading the weight as soon as possible with one child on the bike & one child being towed.  There are a great range of possibilities to choose from.  Depending on your budget and where you like to ride, there are definitely solutions for everyone in the market.

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