Welcome to Spring riding tips.  It is easy to enjoy this season on your bike or as we like to think enjoy more riding in the warmer weather.  You just need to be aware of what conditions you are potentially riding in and have solutions to any challenges.  

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Spring – the season to ride more 

To enjoy Spring on your bike you need to get ready with some extra gear or bike accessories.  Some additions are for safety, others to help with your temperature management.  During Spring you may choose to ride more often and go a bit further than you have been in Winter… what does this mean for your comfort & safety?

Everyone will have a slightly different list of requirements to keep them smiling while Spring riding.  Just pick out the tips you think apply to you, in terms of how you would like to ride in Spring.  If your bike of choice is an E-Bike all this stuff applies – perhaps more – as you can go further and the weather may change on you.

It’s always the right season to check over your bike and make sure all the parts and components are good to go.  Things will wear out over time.  Check tyre treads, handlebar grip surfaces, saddles, chains & sprockets, brake cables…

The Bike & Your Comfort

Warmer weather and longer days naturally leads itself to more time on the bike and more opportunities to enjoy that time.  Prevent any issues arising from this increased riding by protecting your contact points.  Choose products that support comfort or prevent problems.

At your saddle you can add padding in the form of a chamois sewn into padded bike underwear or bike pants.  You could try out a gel seat cover to help adjust to riding again if you have taken a bit of a break over winter.  You could try some natural Chamois Cream to prevent any problems from starting or to help with any issues.

At your hands choose to wear some gloves that will support good hand placement and give some cushioning if you are now planning to ride off road on bumpier surfaces or just over longer trails.


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Contact points with your bike should be protected as you ride further in Spring

Unpredicatble Weather

Spring brings with it the challenge of unpredictable, changeable weather.  So we recommend whenever you ride to go prepared.  Temperatures can fluctuate and if the sun suddenly disappears, or goes down earlier than you where expecting, you can get cold rather quickly.  Light, breathable layers are always a good choice when riding.  Things that are easy to take off and get on.  Be aware of your temperature and keep yourself protected from wind chills with thermals or lightweight jackets or vests.


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Choose the correct chamois

Lightweight, easy to carry packable jackets are great to have if Spring weather changes

Be Safe When You Ride

Bells, lights, taking water, packing a first aid kit… what do you need to be safe in the environments you are planning to ride in?

As you ride more, you will need to clean and check your bike and riding gear more.  This will keep you and the family safe every time you choose to head out on a bike.


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Choose a challenge

It is always great to have a goal in mind or something that will inspire you to go somewhere you haven’t been.  Whether this involves a series of small rides in fun places or building up to a bigger challenge.  This can be individual, with the family or you can involve others, whatever suits.  You could even simply choose to ride your bike more around town, leaving the car at home.  We invite you to read through our extensive range of riding stories… RIDE MORE PLACES


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Your bike riding success is different to others… use our stories and support, get the right solutions.

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