Bike lights for mountain biking at night extend your mountain biking season by helping you to see the trail when it is dark. They also offer a different and fun biking experience. The stars are out, there are less bikes on the trails and it provides a different challenge compared to riding during the day. Lights vary in

  • the strength of the light
  • how the light can be displayed. eg flashing modes versus constant beam
  • length of the battery time
  • type of battery eg. USB rechargeable or installed battery and whether that battery is integrated or separate
  • where and how they can be attached to the bike or the rider
  • weight and size of the light

Different types of lights suit different riding environments so it is important you get the right bike light for the type of riding YOU do.

We suggest lights that will match the demands of mountain biking need to provide the following

  • Enough light so you can clearly see the trail and its obstacles and have an understanding of the surrounding environment.
  • Provide light for a good length of time (greater than your night mountain bike riding time).
  • Make sure other riders can see you when riding in darkness.
  • Durable and robust to match the mountain biking environment.
  • Secure attachment that can be easily attached and removed for ease of use.
  • Waterproof as you may need to ride in the rain.

Now that we have established what a night mountain bike rider needs in a bike light let’s understand what those features look like in a light.

Front rear light on bike mountain biking
Front Mountain Bike light set 600 w labeled

A typical night mountain bike ride can see you riding for a reasonable length of time on some of your favourite trails at dawn, dusk or at night in darkness.


Strength of the front light – it is the strength of the light (measured in lumens) and where it is positioned that will help you to see the trail and its obstacles.

You must have a front light attached to the handlebars – slightly pointing down to luminate the lumps and bumps of the trail helping you to pick your riding line. Suggested strength of 2000 lumens plus.

A second light attached to your helmet of 800 lumens plus will flood light in front of you and give you awareness of the trail direction, its corners and the surrounding environment.

A low lumen constant rear light be can be used to help your riding group know where you are. This can be used on flashing mode if you need other riders sharing the trail to know they are approaching you.

Length of time of the light – needs to be greater than your riding time. Different modes offer different levels of efficiency (that is greater battery life) so you may be able to maximise the life of the light by altering the mode used. Eg. less lumens are often needed when climbing compared to going downhill. Lithium ion batteries allow you to rechargeable the battery after every use without compromising the life of the battery. A battery life indicator can be helpful to understand the amount of battery remaining.

A flexible attachment – this allows you to easily attach and remove the lights. You will only want these lights attached to your bike if you are heading out for a night mountain bike ride, or there is a chance that you may not make it back from your ride before the onset of darkness.

A variety of modes – that are easy to switch between will offer you different strength outputs for different riding environments which will help you manipulate the life of the light.

goRide’s Light Solutions for Mountain Biking at Night are…
Front Light for the Handlebars – Gemini Olympia 2100.
This light will light up the trail. The light and battery are separate (not integrated). Therefore it is available with a 6 cell battery offering (2100 lumens) for up to 3 hours or 4 cell battery (2100 lumens) for up to 2 hours. Flexible attachment.
Front Light for the Helmet – Gemini Xera 950.
Use in combination with a handlebar light for lighting the trail and the environment. Lightweight so offers flexibility to be used as a night running/walking light (head strap included).
Front Mountain Biking Light Set – Handlebar light (Gemini Olympia 2100) and Helmet light (Gemini Xera 950) available as a set.  
For the ultimate in safety and enjoyment ride with these lights (vertically stacked) on your handlebars and helmet to light up the trail and the surrounding environment.
Rear Light – Lezyne 150 Strip.
Use on the rear of your bike to let other riders know that you are there.
get Safe and goRide –  The Right Night Mountain Biking Lights

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