What would you put in a family bike tool kit?  Do you have bike tools to take with you when riding with kids?  If you ride with your family could you fix any simple problems out on the trail?  So many questions, I’m not trying to overwhelm you but trying to inspire you to get ready.  Taking tools that you know how to use when you ride with kids guarantees you can do any quick fixes that are needed.  This keeps everyone safe & more importantly happy…making them want to goRide more places, more often with you.

Why should I carry bike tools when I ride with the family?

The reasons to carry bike tools are very much safety and confidence related.  Let’s have a look at a simple list

  • being able to adjust/tighten/reposition things keeps everyone riding safely & comfortably
  • confidence to go certain places or distances knowing that you have the tools & skills needed to solve simple problems
  • relieve any time restraints.  Tools give you the ability to fix something and get moving again
  • it gives you & your family independence, if YOU have the tools & skills to solve the problem you are not reliant on anyone else to make the ride a success


This list applies whenever you are riding but it can be more important when riding with kids for creating a positive experience – kids aren’t so good at just dealing with a situation when it involves a 5km walk back to the car or house.

A shared cycle pathway

Bike path riding

Don't forget the kids.

Pump track riding

A great day riding with kids - Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park

Mountain bike park riding

goRide Family Bike Tool Kit 

This kit is best carried for family rides round town, easy bike path riding or exploring mountain bike parks.

We recommend carrying spare tubes with the Family Bike Tool Kit because this is the quickest way to fix your puncture and get moving again.  We also recommend carrying some adhesive patches for a back up incase you puncture again once your tube is used.  You also usually have the space to carry tubes because doing anything with kids requires a bag of some sort.

If you want to know more about what these tools are and when to use them ….click here

A flat tyre.  How to fix a flat tyre. goRide

Fixing flat tyres is just part of having bikes

The seat has been adjusted up a couple of inches.  Notice how the leg is much straighter at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

Adjusting seat height gives kids a good powerful pedal stroke

This Family Bike Tool Kit will give you the tools that you need to fix a range of simple problems that can occur when on a family ride…

  • flat tyre or soft tyre that needs pumping
  • seat height that you want to raise or lower
  • removing a wheel to transport a bike to/from the ride
  • brake lever that is hard to reach or has rotated and needs repositioning
  • adjusting, tightening or removing a child bike seat that is attached to your bike

These are just a few examples.  To learn more read… Five Simple Bike Tasks YOU Should Know.

Family Tool Kit – Adding more

Every family is different and your tool requirements may be different so don’t be afraid to add more to this Family Bike Tool Kit.  This often depends on what type of riding you enjoy doing with the family and the type of bikes that you ride.  When you plan a few big days or to do some bike touring with the family a Touring Tool Kit needs to be taken.

Carrying a First Aid Kit is a great idea when riding with the family…small & portable is the way to go with extras at home or in the car at the end of the track

For ideas about how to best carry a family bike tool kit see our story on carrying options.

get Ready and goRide –  What’s in a Family Bike Tool Kit?

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