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Balance Bikes – Tips for Learning to Ride

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You have decided on the right balance bike now let’s provide a positive experience for you and your child as they learn to ride a balance bike.

Note: having the right balance bike for your child will make the transition to being a balance bike rider so much easier for them and for you.

A helmet that fits and they will wear. This is the very first step… no wearing a helmet no  riding. For further information see the right kids bike helmet. 

Expose them early. Let them get familiar with it. Let them see it and know it is their bike. When they check it out make a big deal out of it…how much fun it is to ride

Let them love that balance bike. A bright favourite colour, Horns, bells, let them make noise a handlebar bags to take their favourite small toy along for the ride or collect things along the way.

Start small. Be consistent. A little bit each day. Start inside or somewhere familiar outside on the flat. Facilitate their use – help them pick it up, it may be as simple as walking beside the bike to start with. When they are ready help them get there leg over the bike so they are straddling the bike. This may be all the are ready for. The next step is to get them to sit on the seat while you support the bike so they can get a feel of it and start to walk while on the seat. From there they will progress to running and gliding in there own time. See embrace the balance bike.  You may feel like nothing is happening and they’ll never ride. They will. Be patient, be consistent. The time frame to ride is different for every child.

Once they start to make some progress…progressively expose them to different and more challenging environments. Little by little …no big jumps or hurdles we want them to develop a love for moving, for exploring, for the outdoors. Progress to outside at home, the local school or a park and when they are old enough and both you and your child are ready – footpaths. See Balance Bike safety tips. Once they are established balance bike riders there is a lot you can do to challenge them allow them to grow and develop, add a slope, vary the surface, vary the terrain they ride on. Let them have a go on pump track.

Role models are a great way to help them progress. They get to see others using a balance bike, what they are doing and they want to join them. They will see the fun others are having on a balance bike.

Make it and keep it fun. There will be days where riding is just not what they are in to. Don’t push it. Don’t fight it. Tomorrow will be different. Treasure hunts, obstacle courses in the park. Head out for morning tea, lunch, take their favourite small soft toy, collect treasures, meet friends at the park… keep it new, keep it interesting and keep it simple.

Happy learning . Before you know it they will be full of SMILES walking and running on their balance bike….growing and developing. goFind your riding SMILE.


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