‘Fun Up’ the Kids Bike and Biking

A colourful and practical selection of bike accessories that will make them SMILE every time they ride.

Supporting you to make riding fun for the kids. Give them lots of reasons to want to ride their bike.

Fun Horn & Light

The Mini Hornit – 25 different sounds!

A unique, easy to attach, bike & scooter horn, full of fun and action.  Has 25 sounds, volume control & 2 light settings… LEARN MORE

Unique Hand Painted Bells

goRide Traditional Ringing Bells

Fun, bright & colourful designs the kids will love.  A quick an easy way to brighten up their riding…

Bright Colourful Bags

goRide Toddler/Kid Handlebar Bag

An awesome handlebar bag that is adjustable to fit any handlebar.  Let them explore and collect or carry a favourite toy… LEARN MORE

Colourful Fun Kids Grips

Full Range of Functional Grips

Whatever their age we have a solution.  Beginning with colourful animal pattern grips, all the way up to your mountain biking teenagers… LEARN MORE

Colourful Functional Backpack

Kids/Youth Hydration Camelbak

Keep them happy with easy access to water.  Another great riding accessory that will make them want to ride… LEARN MORE

 Colourful Gloves

Full Finger & Fingerless Kids Gloves

Provide them with the protection and comfort they need and make them feel like real bikers… LEARN MORE

Kids Bike Pants buying guide

Comfy Padded Bike Underwear

goRide Kids goUnders 

These colourful padded bike underwear keep them comfortable and allow them to choose what they wear on the bike… LEARN MORE

Kids Bike Pants buying guide

Kids Reflective Stickers

Planet Bike Sticker Selection

 Reflective strips, stars and circles to stick to rims, helmets, bags, the bike… help them be seen and bring some fun to their biking… LEARN MORE

Kids Bike Pants buying guide

Bright Colourful Helmets

Helmets for all ages and all riding

Keep them safe with top quality helmets in bright colours and cool graphic designs. Another easy way to make them visible when they ride… LEARN MORE

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