Handlebar Grips for Kids and Youth

A selection of fun and functional handlebar grips for kids and youth. Give them lots of reasons to want to ride their bike.

Supporting you to get the right Handlebar Grips. Be comfortable & protected so you can SMILE when you ride.

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Toddler Handlebar Grip

100mm Velo Kids Grip  $12.00 

Fun & functional small kid or toddler handlebar grip.  Perfect for adding fun to first bikes or balance bikes…. LEARN MORE

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Kids Handlebar Grip

Oxford Dual Density  $12.00 

Textured grip surface and good kids length 125mm…. LEARN MORE

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Recreation Grip

Fabric Fun Guy $35.00 

All you need in an affordable, slim diameter, easy to install grip, perfect for small adult hands and teenagers…  LEARN MORE

RaceFace Grippler $57.00 

The grip you need if you have small hands so really well matched to female riders.  Great for ride times less than 2 hours… LEARN MORE

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