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Handlebar Grips – get Ready, be Comfortable

Comfort, control & protection from handlebar grips will make you SMILE when you ride
How to Attach Lock On Grips… coming soon
Kids/Toddlers 100mm Grips 
Ebon Kids Grips  $10.00

Add fun and colour in a really practical easy way with grips.  Animal pattern surface & flange end mean no hand slipping  …. LEARN MORE

Kids 125mm Grips 
Oxford Dual Density Grips  $12.00

Fun, functional grips for kids size hands.  Add some colour to their ride and watch them smile.  Perfect match for kids bikes…. LEARN MORE

Youth/General Grip 
Fabric AM Grip  $20 to $27.00

Affordable, durable, easy to fit – lock on – grips.  These 137mm grips have a mini hex grip surface perfect for general round town or mountain bike riding…. LEARN MORE

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What are the handlebar grip solutions for YOU?  Your success is different to others… read the Buying Guide, get the right handlebar grips