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Attached ‘On’ the Bike – Kids Bike Seats – get Ready, go Explore

Having the right kids bike seat gives YOU the opportunity to share the fun and smile when YOU & YOUR FAMILY ride

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Front Seat for kids. 1 to 3 yrs. goRide
 Front Mount Harnessed Kids Bike Seats
Attached to the front (handlebar stem).  Thule, Yepp or BoBike Mini

See the Mini range from Thule, Yepp or BoBike. Suits 1-3 yr olds, choose the right solution…  LEARN MORE

Dad and son shotgun on the trails
Mid Mount (no Harness) Kids Bike Seats
Attached to the mid (top tube)  Do Little  & Shotgun Kids Bike Seat & Fittings

See the Mid mount range from Do Little ( 2 -6 years old) and Shotgun(2-5years old). Choose the right solution …LEARN MORE

Elliot and Hud Thule Maxi goRide 400 x 300
Rear Mount Harnessed Kids Bike Seats
Attached at the rear ( bike frame or carrier) Thule/Yepp Maxi & BoBike Junior

See the rear kids bike seat range. Includes Maxi (1-6yrs) & Junior (4-10 yrs).  Choose the right solution…… LEARN MORE

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