Rear mounted kids bike seats vary in comfort, safety and the materials they are made from.  We wanted to find the best the market had to offer in New Zealand.  This search led us to The Yepp Maxi…but is this rear child seat the right choice for YOU?

Is a rear mounted kids bike seat the right choice for you?

There are several different kids bike seat options that are designed to meet the demands of riding with kids attached to your bike. How do you know if a rear mounted kids bike seat is the perfect match to the type of rider you are?  We suggest you understand your bike first – see more at Will the Yepp Maxi Fit on your Bike?    There are several elements that will have a big influence on whether you can use a rear mounted kids bike seat.

  • age of your child 1-6yrs, 9 to 22kg
  • is compatible with most bike styles, exception full suspension mountain bikes
  • rear mount seats are usually mounted onto carriers which is great if you already have a carrier.  Check the carrier has load capacity of 25kg or more and if it doesn’t have an ‘easy fit’ window an adaptor can make your carrier ready for the Yepp Maxi.
  • The Yepp Maxi also offers an alternative mount that attaches to the seat post tube of your bike.  You will require a minimum of 12.5cm of clear space to attach the clamp
Yepp Maxi Frame Mounted kids bike seat. goRide
description of seat


What makes the Yepp Maxi the best rear mounted kids bike seat?  

Durable & Comfortable

The modern, rounded edge design of the Yepp Maxi makes it an appealing seat to look at.  These good looks are backed up with practical features such as the rubberised foam which makes the seat strong & durable but flexible.  This foam gives your child a more padded comfortable surface to sit on, shoulder pads that won’t dig in as they grow and a surface that is a breeze to wipe clean.  Another great feature that adds to comfort and a feeling of security for both the rider and child, is the ability to adjust the angle & position of the frame mounted seat.  This means you can position your child in the best place possible.  The closer the seat is to you the better balanced your bike will be which will lead to a feeling of control & trust.


The Yepp Maxi is packed full of safety features and has really sturdy, secure mounting systems.  The seat won’t move around or shake once it is fixed in place. You have the added ability once the seat is securely clicked into place of locking it onto your bike with a key. The bright colour and 3 rear reflectors add to your visibility in traffic environments. Two hands are required to open the harness which prevents a child from unbuckling themselves.  Both shoulder pads and footrests have a really good range of adjustment (no tools required) providing you with the ability to fit your little one securely to the seat whatever age they are. Well designed leg & foot protectors prevent the rear wheel from being a hazard.

User friendly and enjoyable

Rear mounted bike seats keep your child close to you when you are out riding.  This is really important for those times you don’t want them riding independently – commuting through traffic or family rides where speed or distances would tire them.   Having things that are easy to use is a real plus when it comes to convincing your kids to experience something.  This seat provides ease of use. It is easily attached and removed from your bike with no tools.  Once everything is adjusted correctly it is simple to get your child into and out of the seat.  Another great feature of the frame mounted seat is the ability to use this attachment system with a carrier.  This gives you the option of using the carrier to attach panniers to and providing you with storage.

goRide’s Rear Child Seat solution is… The Yepp Maxi…  an award winning child bike seat, originally designed and made in the Netherlands.  Now owned by Thule who lead the way in quality, innovative design and safety.
get Ready and goRide –  The Yepp Maxi – The Best Rear Mounted Kids Bike Seat

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