What would you put in a multi-day mountain biking tool kit?  Do you have the right kind of bike tools to take with you on a multi-day adventure?   When the riding experience is spread out over several days and has an element of isolation about it….YOU need to be better prepared.  Mountain biking trails are generally pretty rugged and are more likely to do damage to your bike than any other type of riding. You therefore need to be ready to fix problems like puncturing, chain breaks and derailleur damage – which if you’re unlucky could happen more than once.  You may also have to deal with accessories you have added to your bike set up so you can carry gear with you.  Bike carriers may need tightening, seat post bags securing or handlebar bags repositioning…do you have the tools?

So you need to take more tools than what you would be happy with on a day ride.  These tools also need to be lightweight, easy to use and do a good job.

Why should I carry bike tools when I go multi-day mountain bike riding?

The reasons to carry bike tools are very much safety and confidence related.  Let’s have a look at a simple list

  • being able to adjust/tighten/reposition things keeps everyone riding safely & in comfort which can be really important when spending long hours on the bike
  • peace of mind, meaning you have the confidence to go certain places or distances knowing that you can get there and deal with any incident
  • time restraints – being able to fix something and get moving again.  This can be really important in bad weather or when it’s nearing night time
  • it gives you & your family or group independence, if you have the tools & skills to solve the problem you are not reliant on anyone else to make the ride a success

This list applies whenever you are riding a bike but it can be more important when multi-day mountain biking for creating a positive, safe experience.  This is especially relevant if you are isolated from help or have any kids with you.

Top section of Heaphy. Mountain bike tool kit. goRide

The Heaphy is a popular multi day mountain bike ride

Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail

This section of the Alps to Ocean is isolated single track

Lyell Range. Old Ghost Road. goRide

The Old Ghost Road is an isolated back country ride

goRide Multi-Day Mountain Bike Tool Kit 

To follow is a list of tools and bike parts that we think should be carried amongst the group (see How to Carry Bike Tools for carrying suggestions or What are my options for carrying gear – on a Multi-Day Mountain Bike Ride).  You may want to add to it but this should be the minimum you take as part of being responsible for your own safety out on the trail

When you do a repair job while on a multi-day adventure it’s best to have tools that will do a good job the first time and tools that you are familiar with.  So before you go make sure you know how to use the tools you are taking!  Remember you will be doing bigger distances than normal on changing terrain over multiple days – the likelihood of something happening is high.

Be prepared to give your bike some attention at the end of each days riding…use any water that is available at huts to gently hose off grit/sand/mud.

If you want to know more about what these tools are click on the tool name or go to our Bike Tool Term page …. here

Disc brake

Disc brake pads may wear down after lots of downhill riding

Bike chain wet lube goRide 600w

Clean & lube your chain before you go and it will perform well

This multi-day mountain biking tool kit will give you the tools that you need to fix a range of problems that can occur when on a multi-day type of ride…

  • flat tyre or soft tyre that needs pumping
  • brake pads that have worn down
  • a snapped chain
  • gearing or brake adjustment
  • carrier/rack securing

These are just a few examples of tasks you may have to do on the side of the trail.  If you are committing to multi-day mountain bike riding you need to have a good knowledge of bike parts and bike tools and how they all work……….Women Learning Bike…

It’s also a great idea to prepare your bike well for where it is about to be taken.  Clean it before you leave, giving your chain and all its associated parts good amounts of attention…How to clean a bike chain.  Do a safety check… Is it Safe?…to Multi-Day Mountain Bike Ride

A First Aid Kit is also an important part of multi-day mountain bike riding…small & portable is the way to go but make sure you take enough for each day you are riding.  If you have access to supplies at the end of each day this is not so much of an issue.  For more info on this important element of multi day riding read First Aid & Emergency Kit for Bike Touring

get Safe and goRide –  What’s in a Multi-Day Mountain Biking Kit

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