I live on a hill.  Which is great for the view but not so great for riding in the colder months.  Why is that?  Well it’s straight out the driveway and down a pretty steep hill…no warming up and immediate cold air flow.  Here’s a little list of things you can do to keep warm on a bike so that any drop in temperature doesn’t keep you off your bike.

  • headband or beanie to keep you ears & head warm under your helmet
  • full finger gloves
  • neck warmer, scarf
  • stay dry by managing rain, waterproof or water resistant jacket
  • stay dry by managing sweat, wicking fabrics or opening zips
  • windproof jacket or vest to protect your upper body/chest area
  • wear full length tights or tapered trousers
  • merino/thermal base layers.  Merino will always be warmer (see below for more on merino)
  • merino socks, sometimes 2 pairs

Long sleeved merino top & brushed thermal leggings

Waterproof & visible rain jacket

Full fingered womens riding gloves

The challenges you will face are about keeping dry, protecting yourself from cold wind drafts and making sure your extremities are getting the insulation they need (hands, feet, ears).  The trick is doing all this to maintain a warm body temperature without overheating or trapping sweat.

Some days you might need all of these things and wonder if it’s worth the effort?? Most times you will arrive at your destination with a smile and happily beating heart because riding just does that, it makes us feel better.

A Special Mention of Merino Wool

We are so lucky in NZ to have access to so many wonderful merino wool products.  So what is all the hype about merino…why is it so good?

Merino wool helps to regulate body temperture.  So along with it’s ability to retain heat and keep you warm, it also works to draw away excess heat.  This property of the fibres means you will not overheat when exercising for long periods of time.  It also means that merino is a great choice for base layers (next to the skin).

A remarkable thing about merino wool fibres is that they perform these heat retaining and wicking properties even when wet.  This makes merino a great choice for exercise gear or when wet weather is a possibility.

The wicking, breatheable and anti bacterial properties of merino will also keep your skin dry.  This makes merino a great choice for exercise gear as it will not smell.

It is also lightweight and machine washable.  Generally merino can be machine washed in a cool (30 degrees) to cold water gentle cycle.  Check the care label on individual garments and follow the recommendations.

Don’t forget the kids…

Check out the Egg Multi-Sport helmets which are a great option for toddlers sitting on the bike as the full coverage keeps their head and ears really well insulated.

Our goWarm Bike Headbands made from two layers, one supplex and one merino, come in a range of 4 sizes so are ideal for under the kids helmets…

Thanks for reading. Used together our stories, resources & products support you to achieve and develop as a rider.

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