Are you busy being a human ‘doing’ and just want to be a human ‘being’. Are you busy ticking off the ‘to do’ list but just wanting to find time ‘to be’? Life is hectic and we often have many roles and many jobs within a day, a week, a month or a year. In all that busyness we need to make time to stop and see the special moments that are present, that exist right in front of us. We also need to make time to create moments.engage senses women biking cycling chi riding goRideOne of the reasons I ride is because I get to see and create those moments. A commute, a bike trip to the library or sports training or a trail in the hills can be filled with moments.  Riding allows me to travel at a pace that enables me to feel, see, smell, taste and hear my surroundings and allows me to become immersed in the environment. I feel the hot sun or a cool breeze on my neck. I see the changing light the morning brings and the different shades of green of the bush. I smell the eucalyptus on a hot day and the freshly cut grass. I taste the refreshing air. I hear the river flowing, the sound of peace and the laughter of a riding friend.

Being present, being aware, seeing moments, engaging our senses, helps shape and strengthen our experiences.  So when on the bike it helps shape and strengthen our riding experiences.

Chi Riding – a goRide SERIES to develop or enhance an understanding of your position and form on your bike.  Have you heard of Chi Running? It is a running technique that emanates from the principles of pilates, yoga, and tai chi. We are going to piggyback on that concept and introduce you to Chi Riding – a riding form that emanates from some of those same principles of being relaxed, having less tension and stress when you ride, efficiency, ease, engaging the senses and core control (control from your mid region). All things that will make time on your bike more enjoyable, easier, will give you less discomfort and will have positive effects and influences on other aspects of your life.

Chi Riding is all about being aware by engaging our senses. Being aware of our body and our environment. We started off the Chi Riding series Tip 1 with learning to be aware of our riding position. Then Tip 2 was an extension of this – being aware of our core control.  If we gain awareness of our bodies, if we are relaxed and working efficiently, then that relaxation and ease will allow us to open our minds.  With our minds open we can then see and recognise the moments, recognise our environment. While we ride, rather than just ‘doing’ the ride, we can ‘be’ in the ride.

Could you spot something you haven’t noticed on a regular ride or trail, or note how it looks different at different times of the day?  Could you ride something new and take notice, be present, be in the now, awaken and engage your senses?

In the spirit of being in the moment and engaging your senses while on a ride goRide invites you to share the view of your moment on Instagram, @thegorideway, or the thoughts of your moment on Twitter, @thegorideway.  Use #chiriding. Here are some views and thoughts of some moments of my #chiriding.

Views of my moments #chiriding

Reflections Maitai Trail Nelson NZ

Reflections Maitai Trail Nelson NZ #chiriding

A framed view of the trail Walters Bluff Nelson NZ

A framed view of the trail Walters Bluff Nelson NZ #chiriding

Sunset from the ridgeline Walters Bluff  Nelson NZ

Sunset from the ridgeline Walters Bluff Nelson NZ #chiriding

Big skies Sharlands Hill Nelson NZ

Big skies Sharlands Hill Nelson NZ #chiriding

Thoughts of my moment #chiriding

  • Had a lovely smile from a complete stranger as we passed on our bikes this morning #chiriding
  • The sense of pride and achievement in my 7 year old girl when she rode all the way to Poppy’s #chiriding
  • The connection and enjoyable conversation with another riding mum when we meet riding the Nelson to Richmond cycleway #chiriding

Thanks for reading. Used together our stories and resources support you to achieve and develop as a rider.

goRide is a shared journey, so we would like you to assist in guiding it along the way.  Contact goRide.  Your thoughts, comments or feedback are welcome. Thank you for being a part of the goRide way.