Being comfortable on your bike saddle is going to make time on your bike more enjoyable. Bike saddles vary in shape and the materials used to make them as well as where the cushioning is placed… so it is important you get the right bike saddle for YOU.

There are specific mountain bike saddles (seats) that are designed to meet the demands that mountain biking puts on your body.

How do you know if a mountain bike saddle is the perfect match to the type of rider you are? 

We suggest that you know and understand your rider profile – see more at How to Find the Perfect Bike Seat.    The four elements of your riding profile that will have a big influence on the type of saddle you should choose are your gender, your riding position, where and the type of riding you do and if you have any specific areas of tenderness.

To match to a women’s mountain bike saddle your rider profile would be

  • female (gender)
  • changing body position on the bike (riding position)
  • riding on mountain bike tracks/trails on a mountain bike (mountain biker)
  • discomfort or pressure on a saddle with no cut-out (front tenderness – note: most women do)

So now that we have established that you are looking for a women’s mountain bike saddle what features should this saddle have?

Women riding bikes
Topo features
KEY DESIGN FEATURES to support your comfort,  protect you from the uneven terrain & give you freedom of movement  

A typical mountain bike ride can see you moving through a range of body positions, over a variety of terrain.

So what does this look like in a women’s mountain bike saddle?

The saddle shape  –  middle to slim width, sleek shape

The mid-slim width gives you the ability to pedal easily and aggressively with a changing body position as you move over different terrain. It will not interfere with your body movement while off the saddle. For example going downhill (descending) as you move your legs past the saddle a slim design will not interfere with balance. Though slim it does retains some width to match the wider women’s shape and  give you that much needed support over a range of body positions as you change from climbing, to descending, to flat ground while out riding.

Padding that is well placed and a wide cut-out.

To ensure a slim design they can’t put padding everywhere but you do need padding-  in all the right places to give you comfort. The padding and its positioning will give you cushioning when riding on uneven surfaces and reduce the vibrations you will experience on this terrain compared to riding on smooth surfaces. The wide cut-out reduces pressure especially when climbing

The outer materials used are durable

Giving you protection against impacts and the rugged environments you take your mountain bike in to.

goRide’s Mountain Bike Saddle solution for women is… The Topo Mountain Bike Saddle from Terry Cycling.
Terry Cycling make award winning saddles. They were the first company in the world to do a women’s specific saddle because they understand the differences and the need.
get Ready and goRide –  The Right Mountain Bike Saddle (Seat)

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