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Caring for your Bike Pants

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The chamois in your bike underwear, bike pants or liner needs to be washed after every wear – this is non-negotiable – so after every ride in the wash they go. If you need a pair every day you may need to consider having more than one.  Caring for your bike pants isn’t complicated once you know a few things to watch out for.

Caring for Your Bike Pants

Washing decreases bacterial build up.  If you can’t wash them the day of your ride at least hang them up to air dry. This will decrease the bacteria party and it will help with odor build up. Then, before you wash them, soak the chamois or apply a mild pre-wash detergent.  It is the combination of moisture, bacteria and rubbing that creates saddle sores…ouch!

Check the washing and care instructions for your garment and follow those instructions to avoid fibre breakdown (especially in the foam padding), shrinking, and fading. Following the washing instructions will ensure you get the best out of your chosen bike pants.

Bike underwear, bike pants, or liners won’t last forever, so look out for wear and tear, loss of comfort, loss of elasticity etc, and get yourself a new pair.

Care instruction for Padded Bike Underwear – goUnders:

Wash before first use. 30 degrees celsius. Do not tumble dry or iron. Do not use fabric softeners.

Care for Lycra Bike Pants

Never use chlorine based bleach on your lycra as it will break the fibres and lead to fading. Most lycra based fabrics don’t like the dryer but check the instruction given with your bike pants.

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