Kids Bike Seat – Towed by the Bike

 ‘Towed’ by the Bike, Kids Seats – get Ready, go Explore

Having the right kids bike seat gives YOU the opportunity to share the fun and smile when YOU & YOUR FAMILY ride

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Towing Kids Riding Their Own Bike

Tow-Whee In Use
Tow Rope – trails/bikepaths
Tow Whee Tow Rope $79.90

Take them places they would struggle to ride themselves – up hills, long distances, multiple days.  A stretchy bungy cord providing a safe, smooth towing experience. You won’t regret having this as an option… LEARN MORE

towing a bike trailgator
 Tow Bar – bikepath/light traffic/easy trail
Trail Gator $179.00

Tow your child from 4 to 9yrs over short distances.  Perfect for family commuting, family weekend rides and bike touring where they may struggle with distance, hills or traffic. LEARN MORE

follow me tandem and rear bike seat
  Tow Frame – traffic/bikepath/easy trail
Follow Me Tandem $499.00

Tow your child, 3 to 9yrs, with this STABLE, secure towing frame.  Great through traffic or over long distances, in all riding environments.  Perfect for families who are committed to regularly riding…  LEARN MORE

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Towing Kids Riding a Trailing 1/2 Bike or Trailer

Rocket Trailing half bike.goRide
  Trailing Half Bike
Rocket Tag-A-Long $220.00

Tow your child, 4 to 9yrs, through traffic or over long distances.  Adjustable seat & handlebar heights.  Ideal for kids still learning to ride…  LEARN MORE

Weehoo-Turbo-Bike-Trailer. goRide
 Reclined (seated) Trailing Half Bike
WeeHoo Turbo iGo $579.00

Tow your child from 2 to 9yrs with this clever reclined bike seat.  Perfect for family rides and bike touring with the added benefit of a harness & storage…  LEARN MORE

Thule Chariot Double Bike Trailer
Bike Trailers
Single & Double

Enclosed bike trailers can be used from the age of one and have the added benefit of storage.  Great for commuting families, wide bike paths and easy off road trails… LEARN MORE

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What is the Towed Kids Bike Seat solution for YOU?  Your needs are different to others…use our stories and support, get the right ‘Towed by the Bike’ option

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What is the right towed kids bike seat solution for YOU?  Your success is different to others…use our stories and support get the right towed kids bike seat.