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What are the essential items in a Bike Tool Kit?

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Do you have bike tools to take with you on your ride? If you have them, do you take them? Do you know how to use them?

In the past, when Annette and I went riding, we were lucky that nothing had really gone wrong with our bikes. Why? Because Annette’s bike mad husband had given her a bike tool kit but she didn’t know how to use most of the tools in it.

goRide Essential Bike Toolkit

goRide Essential Bike Toolkit

What about me? Well I had a bit of a kit at home but was not organised enough to be able to grab it and go, so it didn’t go, it was always left at home.

Sound familiar. Annette now carries tools she knows how to use and I have managed to “get ready” enough to have a bike tool kit that is ready to go when I am. This has taken a while to happen. Why the resistance to tools you can take on your ride? Lots of reasons – time, preparation, knowledge, relying on others etc, etc. Whats the motivation for the change? It limits you, I want to ride more places, more often and when it catches you out – its a long walk home.

What’s in a bike tool kit can vary depending on the type of riding you do, how long you are riding for, and who is going with you.

Lets start with the goRide Essential Bike Tool Kit. This kit is your absolute minimum, the don’t leave home without it type of kit. It would allow you to get home if you had a common, simple problem like a flat tyre. The catch being – you need to know how to use the tools to solve the problem.

goRide Essential Bike Tool Kit.

  • Puncture repair kit and/or tube
  • Tyre levers
  • Pump
  • Long handled allen key/wrench

This kit is best carried by commuters or for short urban rides.

If you want to know more about what these tools are and when to use them ….click here

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